For more simple accommodation you can choose to stay in out Bungalow / Cabin. In the simple but cozy bungalow, the bed linen and bath towels are also included.

In Bungalow you will find:
   – double bed;
   – couch bed;
   – dining table;
   – hair dryer;
   – small fridge, kettle and some dishes. 

There is also an outdoor kitchen area you can use.
The shared bathrooms and toilets are situated 30 m from the Bungalow. 

Price for 2 people, from the age of 10 (younger kids are also welcome). Price per night:

1 night

40 €

2 and more nights

36 €

Extra bed

  10 €

Please write to us for bookings and queries on a contact page. Samuti vastame meeleldi telefoniteel ja e-kirjadele.

Piibelehe Guesthouse / Caravan Park
Aime & Viljar Kesküla
4 Piibelehe Street 
Saaremaa 93815, Estonia
Mobile: +372 518 4310
E-mail: info@piibelehe.ee